Senior-Level Full-Stack Developer (Contract to hire)

Job Type: Remote – Location:  United States (Remote) – Salary: $70 – $90/hour

Job Summary:

The Project Manager ensures studies are conducted effectively ensuring high quality, meeting contracted timelines, and managing costs. This role is a multifaceted position in a fast-paced contract research organization.

Hourly Rate - $70 - $90 / hour (Depends on experience) W2 or C2C, with conversion to FTE after 6 months.


We are looking for a Senior-level Full-Stack Developer who is customer focused and passionate about helping large government agencies modernize and migrate their applications into the cloud. You will work collaboratively with other developers, product managers, and contractors to help our clients modernize and migrate their applications to the cloud. You will need solid and well-documented coding skills for collaborative development, which may extend across multiple programs.

The ideal candidate will be self-motivated and be able to move smoothly between analytical, tactical, and strategic conversations with technical, business, and team leadership. You will be critical in developing consistent and structured coding, which may interact with other applications, cloud-native, or platform-as-a-service. Applications or components of your code may be leveraged across other programs, foundational, or enterprise services.


About the role:
  • Accountable to the team lead on the modernization project.
  • Attend client and virtual team meetings and, when required, on-site in-person meetings.
  • Applications may be deployed to one of more cloud service offerings across Azure (~90%) and AWS (~10%).
  • Participate in the complete software development process from conception to deployment and ongoing maintenance & upgrades.
  • You understand the importance of security and believe risk management should be tackled early and not as an afterthought.
  • You are passionate about automation and creating an environment that fosters DevSecOps approaches by working with DevSecOps teams to build, test, and automatically deploy code to the environment.
  • Develop and support application development sprints and backlogs, conduct code reviews, and troubleshoot code performance in application modules.
  • Strong problem-solving attitude, collaborative team spirit, investigative mentality, decision-making, and strategic and associative thinking capacity.
  • Excellent oral and written communication in English, including editing and proofreading skills, thought leadership, and formal presentation skills.
  • Highly developed interpersonal skills and self-motivation coupled with a high level of attention to detail and accuracy.
Required Skills and Qualifications:
  • 5+ years of hands-on experience working with Azure cloud native technologies, including serverless functions, container implementations, DevOps, CLI, databases, compute, storage, security, and networks.
  • Developed applications built with .NET, Java, Python, or other programming languages on Azure.
  • Deployed written code and/or implemented CI/CD pipelines
    leveraging tools such as Azure DevOps, Terraform, etc.
  • Worked with Azure native databases such as Azure Blob Storage, Cosmos DB, etc.
Desired Skills and Qualifications:
  • Experience with Kotlin object-oriented programming language is considered a strong plus.
  • Working knowledge of MS SQL, MySQL, and MongoDB databases.
  • Familiarity with various automation and configuration management tools, such as Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Terraform, Jenkins, Kubernetes, and Docker.
  • Familiarity with containerization orchestration tools such as Kubernetes, Amazon ECS, Azure Container Services, and RedHat OpenShift.
  • Experience with cloud service providers (Azure and AWS) advanced concepts such as Serverless, Infrastructure as Code, and CI/CD pipeline runners from Git repositories.
  • Ability to lead developer teams to complete application development sprints and backlogs.


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